CQR Antwerp take over the 50% of ATO terminal shares in port of Antwerp

CQR Antwerp successfully completes acquisition of the ATO terminal in partnership deal with NMBS LOGISTICS

VAN MOER LOGISTICS, Our CQR member in Antwerp, has taken the next step in its intermodal transport strategy with the purchasing of ATO terminal in the Port of Antwerp, in collaboration with NMBS LOGISTICS. The agreement between the two firms, announced last Friday, means that VAN MOER will takeover 50% of the terminal port.

logistics companies and suppliers
logistics companies and suppliers

The ATO terminal covers almost 175,000 square-metres and processes over 500,000 TEU’s per year along its ½ kilometre-long quay. With the arrival of VAN MOER LOGISTICS, this is sure to increase, while Belgian malt producer BOORMALT will be investing in additional production capacity at the 6th dock of the terminal.

VAN MOER’s barge service, iBarge, which operates daily calls at the Vilvoorde terminal, Umicore and Blue Gate, is now complete with the incorporation of the ATO terminal. Apart from servicing water-bound logistics, ATO will also function as a primary hub for the hinterland corridor.

Jo Van Moer, owner of VAN MOER, and Patrick Lecluyse, CEO, said “We are delighted with this partnership, which has allowed the synergies to reach their full potential and create the missing link in our intermodal strategy. We have found the perfect partner with Boormalt and are looking forward to their cooperation”.

We’d like to wish VAN MOER all the best with this impressive new venture!

CQR member in Antwerp moves into top gear with increased road fleet

Our CQR member in Antwerp has stepped up its road presence with the introduction of a number of new trucks and trailers

This summer, VAN MOER expanded its trucking fleet with the introduction of 60 additional trucks and 120 trailers, taking their total fleet to 300+ trucks and 550+ trailers.

The introduction of the new trucks and trailers is the result of VAN MOER LOGISTICS’ recent acquisition of MERMANS – VAN HOUDT, a company specialised in the transportation of construction materials, whose trucks have now been incorporated into VAN MOER.

The acquisition was especially important given MERMANS-VAN HOUDT strategic location in Retie, which is between Antwerp and Eindhoven. Being located close to the border of The Netherlands makes Retie an excellent operating base, as it is less subject to the road congestion of Antwerp, nor does it have the common shortage of truck drivers there.


logistics companies and suppliers
logistics companies and suppliers

This new addition proves that, apart from investing in intermodal transport, VAN MOER LOGSITICS continues its commitment to conventional transportation.

We’d like to wish VAN MOER’s new vehicles many a good trip ahead!