UK Haulier is talking about Conqueror

Conqueror, the world’s first virtual multinational, is now an official partner to industry exhibitions worldwide

Designed to bring small and medium sized independent forwarders together to compete with the big multinationals, Conqueror understands the need to spread the name of their global brand to their members potential clients and partners.

“Conqueror is an attractive option for shippers who seek the service quality that only independent local agents provide, combined with the global scope, dimensions, and competitiveness of a large multinational group. Our international campaign publicizing the brand stresses the quality of our membership and the discipline of our organization,” explained Antonio Torres, Managing Director.

Currently the network has coverage in 193 cities in 97 countries and employs more than 15,000 people. Conqueror is a member of ELITE, the industry’s only recognized grouping of quality independent freight forwarder networks, representing over 3,550 companies with annual revenues in excess of US$60 billion.

Attending the Annual Meeting pays off for CQR Rio de Janeiro

This is one story for anyone who thinks that attending a network annual meeting will make no difference to their business volume, because if ever there was evidence to the contrary, this is it!

ACL Logistics (Oslo) and Francargo (Rio de Janeiro) were both represented at the 2nd Annual Conqueror Meeting this May and in the words of Guilherme Salera from Rio, what occurred “…was the founding of a wonderful partnership.”

Guilherme continues the story. “After the meeting, we remained in close contact with our partners Kjell Westby and Arild Olsen from ACL Logistics whom had mentioned a possible partnership shipping some goods strictly in the Petro Sector originating in Brazil. In late May, our first breakthrough came with what, in the beginning, was supposed to be an ocean shipment, but because of the tight deadlines, became an oversized urgent air shipment. The project originated in Siemens, Brazil and its destination was the Kanfa Group in Norway/ Denmark.

“The shipment really was a sight to behold; a gigantic 7 x 2,5m tank with many other parts that assembled into an imposing platform with a volume of 16 tons. Between ourselves in Rio and our partners in Norway, we were able to complete the shipment in a swift and timely manner.

“What´s even better, was the impression left on the Exporter and Importer regarding our partnership merits, such as fast communication and coordination from both ends, earning us their trust not only for this shipment, but also for others to come.

“We are tremendously grateful to ACL LOGISTICS and CONQUEROR for this partnership and business opportunity.”

Conqueror would like to invite all members with shipments in Rio de Janeiro to get in touch with the team.

Guilherme Salera / International Operations

Freight forwarders gather in Bangkok to conquer the world- Hellenic Shipping News

115 members from the industry’s only truly city-exclusive network, Conqueror, gathered for its 2nd Annual Meeting, 8th-10th May

The Grand Millennium Sukhumvit Bangkok provided the location for the 2nd Annual Conqueror Meeting, where 115 agents from 50+ countries gathered to fan the flame of co-operation which burns bright at the heart of Conqueror Freight Network.

Conqueror is a solid alliance in which carefully-selected independent freight forwarders in each major city in the world co-operate reciprocally and securely to expand their businesses, reduce costs and risks, and compete on more equal terms against the largest international companies.

At the opening of the meeting, Managing Director, Antonio Torres, congratulated members on their efforts to work co-operatively to serve clients globally and overcome client perceptions that independent forwarders are not equipped to provide a truly worldwide service.

“Co-operation is one important element in our strategy for boosting the business volume of our members; another is our city-exclusivity, like the multinationals, and the third and most important is our annual meeting. As you can see, members are making the most of their individual meetings as well as competing for each other’s attention away from them,” explained Mr Torres.

“As a direct result of meeting our fellow members last year, we saw a marked increase in turnover and I firmly believe that the same will happen again this year; I already have many new leads to follow-up,” said one satisfied member.

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Conqueror recognised for being an Elite network

Since our launch in 2010, Conqueror has experienced a quick rise to the top with our exclusivity, disciplined cooperation and secure payment environment attracting thousands of applications. As defenders of quality, we were determined to only allow the best to join, which is why only a mere 10% managed to pass our rigorous selection process.

Unfortunately, with new networks being formed on almost a weekly basis, it has become increasingly difficult for freight forwarders to differentiate bona-fide quality networks, like Conqueror, from those that operate using dubious practices, provide poor quality services, offer unsubstantiated benefits, lack proper financial backing, fail to implement membership vetting procedures and are generally unable to fulfil their stated obligations to their membership. This not only damages the reputation of Freight Networks, but also creates much confusion among freight forwarders. To tackle this ever-present issue, a new association has been created, ELITE Association of Logistics Networks (ELITE) of which Conqueror is now a member.

ELITE is not a network itself, it is a tool by which we can differentiate bona-fide, high-quality networks from the many unscrupulous networks around the world – providing clarity and visibility to the global logistics industry.

ELITE has a second, equally important role in representing the freight forwarding community in an industry that has until now been dominated by the large multinationals. Representing the views of its members, ELITE will actively participate alongside associations and government bodies to ensure that the SME sectors needs and views are considered as new industry programmes, rules and regulations are devised

Head of Global Cargo, Des Vertannes, has welcomed the formation of ELITE, stating that with the industry currently undergoing major changes it is essential that all sectors work together. “ELITE has the potential to become a powerful and potent voice for freight forwarders around the world. The size and quality of the networks within ELITE ensures that their views will be heard and taken seriously by associations, regulators and carriers. We look forward to forming a close strategic relationship with ELITE and working together to drive new efficiencies for the benefit of us all.”

Other members include Global Logistics Network, Global Project Logistics Network, Lognet Global, Project Cargo Network, Time Critical Logistics Alliance, Universal Freight Organisation, Worldwide Partners Alliance and WCA Family of Logistic Networks.

You can find more information on the ELITE website:


Interview with CQR Bangkok

Trans Air Cargo, CQR Bangkok, was founded back in 1979 by Mr Keree Chaichanavong (Managing Director) and Mr Siri Vorapongsathorn (General Manager). Recently, TAC’s Overseas and Projects Manager, Kantorn Lertchirakarn, told us about the company’s success and some of the more unusual shipments that they regularly handle.

Q. TAC has been ranked in the top 5 freight forwarders in Thailand for the past 15 years, which is very impressive! How have you maintained this position so consistently?

A. We deal with all market sectors and handle all kinds of different products. Our team understands that every single shipment, regardless of size, is crucial to the company’s survival. It is as important for us to protect and keep our existing partners, as it is for us to find new ones.

Q. You used the word ‘partner’ there to describe your clients. What do you mean by that and how is the idea of them being ‘partners’ manifested in the approach you and your team take when dealing with customers?

A. It’s vital that we all bear in mind that each and every customer is a business partner. We want to build lasting relationships and create customer confidence, so we show a willingness to serve and assist in whatever way we can. The growth and success of their businesses are crucial to us because without them, we cannot grow and succeed.

Q. TAC specialises in the handling of some of the more unusual shipments out there. Could you tell us a little about those?

A. TAC specialises in handling live animals, perishables, frozen food and automobiles. We have also shipped filming equipment to the sets of some major blockbusters including James Bond, Rambo, Alexander, The Beach and Stealth.

Q. What would be your most memorable shipment?

A. Well, live animal shipments are always fairly memorable! Over the years we have shipped horses, elephants, white whales and crocodiles, to name but a few. The most memorable though would be the largest single ‘live animal’ shipment we have handled; 3,000 live crocodiles weighing 114 tons from BKK to Guangzhou on a chartered Cathay Pacific Airways 747 freighter.

Q. With such a variety of services the future must be bright! What do you see the next decade holding for TAC?

A. Having the reputation for providing outstanding tailor-made logistics solutions coupled with excellent customer service is one thing, but maintaining that reputation is vital as well. We are also working on a joint warehousing and logistics venture which once completed will extend the services TAC can offer.

With such a wide skills-set, TAC can only go from strength to strength. We welcome all members with shipments to/from Bangkok, to get in touch with the TAC team.


Overseas and Projects Manager

Interview with CQR Tokyo

Alisped Japan Ltd joined Conqueror in January 2012 and has become one of our most enthusiastic members, getting stuck into life within the network. Recently, we spoke with Koji Inuyama, Alisped Japan’s Sales Manager, to find out a little more about the company.

Q. Could you briefly outline Alisped Japan’s history and tell us when/why you became involved?

A. Alisped Spa is an extremely well-established Italian Forwarder, which has been in operation for almost half a century. 15 years ago, Alisped’s President, Mr Nitta, saw an opportunity to open an independent Alisped Office in Japan and thus Alisped Japan Ltd was born. I became acquainted with Mr.Nitta after a chance meeting when I worked at the Japanese offices of Schenker, more than 20 years ago.

Q. What do you think makes Alisped different to other Freight Forwarders in Japan?

A. When asked a question like this, many forwarders would answer with the names of their BIG multinational clients and forget about the smaller customers. I really don’t like this and it is not what Alisped is about. We are about looking after all our clients equally. We do not feel the need to shout the names of our clients from the roof tops. All we want to do is provide a tailor-made service which keeps the customers happy, so they keep coming back!

Q. What would be your most memorable shipment?

A. The most memorable shipment we have handled was the transportation of 4 classic cars valued, on average, at USD 600,000 each! As well as feeling the pressure of handling something of an extremely high value, we were also under pressure time wise, as the vehicles were taking part in one of the most famous classic car exhibitions in the world, ‘Concours d’Elegance.’ Thankfully, their transportation from Yokohama port to Shuwaikh port in Kuwait and back again, went without a hitch!

Q. What attracted you to join Conqueror as opposed to other networks?

A. Conqueror was recommended to us by Peter Sequeira of Tri-alliance, whom both myself and Mr.Nitta have known for several years. It was after speaking with Peter and hearing the advantages that Tri-alliance were experiencing that made us decide to join. In my opinion, a recommendation from a fellow agent far outweighs any advertising and that’s why we chose Conqueror and, I have to say, we have not been disappointed.

Q. How has being part of Conqueror helped the operations of Alisped?

A. Well, it was after I attended the conference in Phuket that we really felt the benefits of being in the network. The amount of business exchanged between ourselves and the other members has far exceeded our expectations. Since we joined, we have exchanged business with approximately 30 CQR members in 25 different countries, moving 30 exports / 30 imports.We believe that with further attendance at the meetings and with the development of relationships within the network, our CQR business volume will only continue to rise!

Alisped Japan Ltd has completely embraced what Conqueror is about; cooperation. They are without a doubt an asset to the network, and a perfect example of the kind of agents we have in Conqueror.

We welcome all members requiring assistance with shipments in Tokyo and Osaka to get in touch with the Alisped Japan Ltd team.

CQR Tokyo

Mr. Koji Inuyama

CQR Pusan: ISO Approved

CQR Pusan has been given the ISO certificate for security management. The awarding body states that, “ISO International Standards ensure that products and services are safe, reliable and of good quality.” In order to be awarded this certificate CQR Pusan had to meet the following criteria:

1. Work with partners who provide reliable services to customers
2. Anticipate and minimise the risks during the import and export process

3. Institute, apply, maintain and improve a security management system

Obtaining the ISO certificate is becoming a leading trend in many industries. Director of Forman Shipping, Mr Kyung Moon RA, told Head Office that customers understand the value of such certification. It demonstrates to them that, “We are a reliable forwarder and that we are doing everything possible to minimise the risks for them.”

Sector publications in Korea have also picked up on CQR Pusan’s achievements, one newspaper said that Forman Shipping, “makes the Korean Forwarding market more progressive.”
CQR members can be more confident than ever with regard to their partner in Pusan, Korea.
To find out more about CQR Pusan, visit or contact Mr Kyung Moon RA on

CQR Qingdao enjoys a change in weather

CQR Qingdao was chosen by LM Wind Power Co. Ltd to handle the shipping of 6 wind turbine blades from Tianjin to Alexandria in July 2012. This was not S.F. Systems first experience of such a shipment; they previously shipped 36 of these blades to Brake, Germany.

CQR Qingdao was charged with the picking, loading, custom clearance and shipping of this order by break-bulk. In addition to the two shipments already made by S.F. Systems, they have been nominated for a further contract consisting of 54 blades to be shipped to Germany early next year.

The dimensions of each blade were as follows: 34.4m x 2.59m and each weighed 5,781Kg.

You might think that concern about climate change would damage the freight forwarding industry, especially as initiatives such as ‘buy local’ and ‘reduce your carbon footprint’ become more popular. But it is clear that new shipping opportunities are opening up for the right forwarders in the renewable energy sector. With almost 15 years of experience and principles of responsibility, efficiency and conscientiousness at the centre of all operations, CQR Qingdao is certainly one of those.

To find out more about CQR Qingdao, please contact Mr Frank Wang on or visit

Interview with CQR Venice

Stante, which operates as CQR Venice, is one of the ‘big’ players in the international forwarding and logistics market and since its inception it has continually grown year on year; now employing in excess of 150 people. Recently we sat down with Managing Director Riccardo Stocco to find out more about the company and the secret to its longevity.

Q. Could you tell us a little about Stante’s history and when you joined the company?

A. The business was founded almost 40 years ago by Robert Stante and it has stayed in the family with the next generation following in his footsteps. The Venice office opened a decade ago and I became involved 5 years later.

Q. What sets Stante apart from other Freight Forwarders?

A. Great customer service! At Stante we believe in being clear about exactly what that entails, so we came up with a 3 pronged customer service ‘value system’.

1. Constant improvements and innovation in the services we offer.

2.Constant quality control monitoring of internal and external systems.

3. Listening to the needs of our customers in order to build lasting relationships with them.

Q. How are these values translated into every day operations at the company?

A. I could give many examples so let me explain one which is more recent. It is the opening of a new ID office where we will implement new software and technology that will then be offered to our customers.

Q. As well as offering your clients ‘every-day’ forwarding services, does Stante specialise in handling certain shipments and what would be your most memorable?

A. We offer 360 degree services and solutions along with legal assistance and customs services in import and export. We readily handle shipments which require special equipment to load them and those which are oversize. Probably the most memorable was a break bulk shipment of 3500 ton, 4500 m3 from the North of Italy to Azerbaijan (via Mersin Port – Turkey). Although the actual goods didn’t have the ‘wow’ factor, the size certainly did!

Q. Stante has been a member of Conqueror since 2011 and has just renewed its membership for the coming year. Why did you choose to join Conqueror as opposed to other networks and what benefits does being part of this global network bring to your company?

A. The exclusivity was definitely an attraction as it has given us the opportunity to be on a level playing field with our competitors. Furthermore with a limited number of agents, we can strike the right balance between competition and opportunity, and the development of lasting relationships.

It is clear that with such a well-established position in the industry and customers at the core of all operations, Stante can only go from strength to strength.

We welcome all members requiring assistance with shipments in Venice, Italy to get in touch with the Stante team.

Mr.Riccardo Stocco

Managing Director:

CQR Bangkok ships set blow moulding machine to the USA

In April and May 2012 CQR Bangkok was selected to ship a Set Blow Moulding Machine Type SBG 700 Double Station from Petchaburi, Thailand via the port of Laem Chabang to Baltimore in the United States

1 piece 208 x 120 x 141 / 1 piece 208 x 95 x 118 / NW 23,000Kg/GW 26,000Kg

Prior to transportation to the port of Laem Chabang, the cargo was carefully loaded onto flat-bed trucks and covered with poly-woven covering for added protection by the CQR Bangkok team. Once at the port the cargo was shipped by Hapag Lloyd to the United States.

Since its birth, 30 years ago, Trans Air Cargo has held the belief that customer satisfaction is key to the success of the company. It is clear from the photos that attention to detail and care for the shipment is a CQR Bangkok priority.

To find out more about Tac Ocean Freight, visit or email Palinee Nawakijbamrung on