CQR Durban/ Johannesburg and CQR Riga/Klaipeda teams up for several general and OOG cargo transportation

The successful partnership between CQR Durban/ Johannesburg and CQR Riga/Klaipeda is a perfect example of synergy among CQR members

Logistics Industry
Logistics Industry

The routes of the shipments were from South Africa via Riga with further road and rail delivery to Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. The cargo had been transported from Durban and Johannesburg to Port Riga from where they were reloaded on rail platforms for being shipped to Tashkent (Uzbekistan) and Astana (Kazakhstan).

In the words of Sergei Dubinin, Sales Manager of Rinosta Shipping Agency: “This project which has involved several transhipments ports spanning 3 continents has been a perfect proof of partnership within Conqueror. One of the most challenging parts of our project has been the delivery of the OOG cargo. The power of partnership has yielded more than sufficient results and we are looking forward to collaborating again in the near future.”

Congratulations to Alpha Shipping Agency and Rinosta Shipping Agency for their successful collaboration!


New memorandum for CQR Durban

The directors of Creedence Global Shipping Pte Ltd, a Singapore based NVOCC, recently visited the Durban office of CQR Durban and committed to further develop the Far East to South Africa trade lane and reaffirm the appointment of Alpha Shipping as their agents in Southern Africa

logistics companies and suppliers
logistics companies and suppliers

“We have worked with Creedence for several years,” stated National Freight Manager, Colin Moonsamy, “and the visit of our Principals further emphasised the opportunities for growth not just in the South Africa market, but also the possibilities of growth in the bordering African countries”

Managing Director of Creedence, Tim Law was impressed with the professionalism and friendly attitude of Alpha Shipping staff, who have given Creedence confidence to continue with their expansion in South Africa.

CONQUEROR would like to congratulate the Alpha Shipping team and invite members with shipments in South Africa to get in touch with the team.

CQR Durban celebrates 10th anniversary

Just over ten years ago CQR member in Johannesburg and Durban, South Africa, opened its doors for trading

international logistics service provider
international logistics service provider

Originally concentrating on liner agency, port agency and cargo broking, the company has diversified into many other different spheres of shipping, including freight forwarding, container sales and leasing, NVOCC, and tank containers. Starting with just four staff, there are now 25 employees based in Durban and Johannesburg. Many of those staff who joined in the first year still work for Alpha Shipping today.

“Loyalty and ethics are fundamental to our business,” says founder and joint managing director Richard Brook-Hart, “and everyone should be treated with equal respect; these are some of the reasons for our success, and why we became a member of Conqueror network”. 

Conqueror would like to congratulate Alpha Shipping on this milestone!

CQR Durban handles major UN shipment

international logistics service provider
international logistics service provider

Our member in Durban handled the road transport from Lusaka through Zimbabwe down to the port of Durban, the loading on board and port agency for the vessel. Director David van Maasdyk commented, “The logistics were complex and involved securing special permits from three governments defence forces to allow military equipment through their borders, and at the same time obtain customs clearances”. 

The total packing list consisted of 117 military vehicles, and containers which required complete coordination to deliver all the equipment, exactly on time to meet the vessel arrival at Durban. Van Maasdyk continues, “The operation was one of the biggest we have ever handled, and required constant attention and coordination with many different authorities, locally and over the border. That we made a very tight deadline was quite an achievement” 

Alpha Shipping’s team all played a big part in the success of the operation.

CQR Johannesburg expands into container conversion

During the past four years, Conqueror’s agent in Durban and Johannesburg, has established a strong dependable name in the container sales and leasing market in Southern Africa, through its subsidiary

international logistics service provider
international logistics service provider

“Our name is synonymous with quality and service,” according to Alpha’s National Container Manager, James Norman, “and we have seen our market share grow steadily, as we seek, good quality equipment from China and other overseas markets. This has largely been possible due to our Conqueror partners, offering freight solutions, to facilitate movement of the containers to South Africa.”      

In a new move, Alpha Shipping has started converting shipping containers into offices, shops, houses, and classrooms. “Actually the sky is the limit” claims Norman, “because with imagination, containers can be converted to almost any design the customer wants”.

And the next move? “At the moment we are just selling locally and to neighbouring countries,” says joint Managing Director, Richard Brook-Hart “but we know there is a big demand for converted containers throughout Africa, and this is where our Conqueror partners will again play a part, as we look to further expand by exporting our units into East and West Africa.” 


CQR Durban appointed as UES International Holding’s Africa agent

Our member in Durban, South Africa is proud to announce that they have been appointed as the agent for UES International (HK) Holdings, the Global container leasing company. The agreement was concluded on the 1st March and covers the entire continent of Africa. Commenting on the appointment, James Norman, container manager for Alpha Shipping stated that “the agreement with UES will add value to both companies, as we both seek to expand our activities into Africa”.

Alpha Shipping as a proud member of Conqueror Network will be keen to share the opportunity of offering one way leases and sale containers to other members as a means of creating added value to client requirements, and reducing supply chain costs.

Into the southern ice

 CQR member in both Durban and Johannesburg, South Africa extends its services to all corners of the world, literally

These include shipments to Antarctica. Taking advantage of the southern summer, Alpha Shipping has arranged the lease of nine tank containers of aviation fuel and polar diesel oil to be shipped from Cape Town to the Antarctic. The aviation fuel is urgently needed to supply aircraft at the various bases, and the polar diesel used for the generators and machinery has an additive to prevent it freezing.
freight forwarder
freight forwarder
Tank Operator, Tim van Maasdyk says, ‘The ISO tanks take quite a beating from the weather, especially during the winter, when temperatures can plummet to below 40 degrees. Our tanks have to be built of top quality materials to withstand the extremes, and still function properly.’
Alpha Shipping understands the demands placed by clients who expect top quality service at all times, whatever the conditions. So whether it is a shipment to the frozen wastes of the Antarctic or to a mine in the searing heat of the Sahara, Alpha Shipping is always up to the challenge.

Richard Brook Hart of CQR Durban appointed ICS International chairman

CQR Durban is delighted to announce that owner and joint MD, Richard Brook-Hart FICS was recently appointed as International Chairman of the prestigious Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers. This was a great honour, especially to become the first person from South Africa to hold this position in the 102 year history of the ICS.

Logistics Industry
Logistics Industry

The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers has over 3000 members globally and is the leading provider of commercial shipping education worldwide, with over 6000 students sitting examinations in the past year.

The motto of the ICS is ‘our word, our bond’, and aims to promote ethics and professionalism in the shipping industry.

 Alpha Shipping in South Africa is proud to be associated with the Conqueror Network, which espouses similar core values.

CQR Durban is the bomb!

Alpha Shipping, Conqueror’s exclusive agent in Durban and Johannesburg, specializes in the shipment of many different types of cargoes including explosives, IMO Class 1. Last month, the team sent a number of these shipments to remote mines in Mali, Burkina Faso and Mauretania. The shipping of such cargo is not for the faint-hearted or those laid-back about time!

international logistics service provider
international logistics service provider

The process began with the checking and re-checking of documents before the containers were packed in special wood-lined 20 foot GP containers and inspected by the South Africa Maritime Authority (SAMSA).

When completed, the process of organising the railing of the explosive containers on a special block train from Johannesburg to an explosive yard outside Durban port could begin.

Once the vessel’s laycan was advised, CQR Durban then nominated the vessel with the port, SAMSA, the Police, and the port safety officer for final checking. Because of the experience and training the team has had they were able to advise the vessels owners on all the protocols, and certificates required.  They did their job well, as permission was granted and the vessel was allowed to berth. Alpha Shipping also assisted the Master with the segregation and stowage of the containers according to the IMDG regulations.

As I mentioned at the start, time is crucial; why? Well, because the vessel can only sail during daylight hours!

If loading was not completed by 1700 hours, the vessel would have had to sail anyway, which would have resulted in short shipment. Thankfully, this was not the first time the team had done this so the process was perfectly coordinated.

We invite all members with shipments in South Africa, to get in touch with CQR Durban.


Interview with CQR Durban

Alpha Shipping became Conqueror’s exclusive agent in Durban, South Africa back in October 2012. Once they had had time to settle into the network, we decided to sit down with Director, Richard Brook-Hart, to find out more about the company.

Q. Could you tell me a little about the history of Alpha Shipping?

A. Back in 2004, I met with the directors of Maruba, the Shipping Line. At the time they were planning a container liner service between the Far East and South America, and we subsequently decided to jointly open an agency office in South Africa. When the SEAS service commenced in June 2005, we established Alpha Shipping as a small liner agency. At the same time, we also developed a freight forwarding operation representing several overseas companies. By 2009, we had offices in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town, employing 27 staff. However, in the third quarter of 2009, the global debt crisis hit shipping, and within a matter of months, Maruba was forced to suspend almost all their services.

This left Alpha Shipping without its main source of revenue, so we had to rapidly rethink our strategy. We decided to expand the freight forwarding side using our contacts and knowledge from the liner business and as a result were able to keep our staff and our good name. In 2010, we bought out Maruba’s shares and became an independent privately owned company. In the last three years we have gone from being a single liner agency to a diversified group specialising in freight forwarding, NVOCC, leasing containers (we have some 300 owned units on lease) and we have leased in some 200 units for our operations.

What makes Alpha Shipping stand out from the freight forwarding crowd in South Africa? A.Our word is our bond. Our clients and partners know that when they ship or do any kind of business with us, we give full transparency and our dealings are always ethical and professional. This mode of thinking is engrained into our staff, and the result is that they take pride and satisfaction in their work, which reflects well on them and Alpha Shipping’s reputation.

Q. On your website, it states that ‘Company policy is to promote education and staff training.’ Why do you feel that this is so important?
A.Staff training is essential. Yes, it costs money, but it saves in the long run as it reduces errors. Empowering staff with knowledge gives them the confidence to speak to clients, principals, and service providers with assurance and offer the right advice. All our staff members are put through the ‘Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers’ courses. Even those who are not directly involved with shipping, such as accounts clerks, should at least undertake the basic ‘Understanding Shipping’ course. Being a Fellow of the ICS, and Chairman of the South African Branch of ICS, I continually encourage all people in shipping to do these courses. It doesn’t matter if they work for our competitors; we need to educate everyone to a high standard.

Q. What would be the most memorable shipment you and your team have handled?

Memorable shipments can often be for all the wrong reasons. Here is one notable example: When we were informed by the carrier that the vessel carrying several containers of soccer shirts and boots for the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa was bypassing Durban due to port congestion and continuing straight to West Africa, we knew a disaster was imminent. The vessel’s agent said it was out of his hands, so we phoned the Line Manager of the shipping line in the Far East in the middle of the night, and told him it would be the worst publicity he would ever receive in his shipping career. We then independently arranged with the port to get an emergency berth, persuaded the shipping line to turn the ship round, which was now well on its way to Lagos, and discharge the containers. Fortunately, the shipping line agreed! The cargo was discharged and the World Cup went ahead on schedule. To this day, we still think the client had little idea of the lengths we went to rescue the situation, but that is all part of shipping and sometimes you just have to do these things.

Alpha Shipping is one of our newer members, joining us in October 2012. What attracted you to join Conqueror as opposed to other networks?

We are members of other networks and do business with non affiliated freight forwarders, but one day we got fed up with always being the one who nominated the cargo, and getting nothing in return. We decided to join a group which promised more reciprocity and looked professional.
It is clear that CQR Durban runs a tight ship and that any and every shipment is safe in their hands.
We welcome all agents requiring assistance with shipments in South Africa to get in touch with the Alpha Shipping team.