Conqueror Porto won a project to ship electrical substations to 3 sites in Rwanda for distributing electricity to the remote areas of the country

This project is part of the government’s plan to bring electrical energy to 70% of Rwanda’s households by 2018

MGC Transitarios, the CQR member in Porto, Portugal, is in charge of the shipments of electrical substations to 3 sites in Rwanda. “The shipments in Rwanda are seriously challenging. The containers will go to Tanzania and from there we have to cross the entire country before entering Rwanda. The roads are not exactly great and for this project the Government and the consignee are improving the accesses, build bridges, roads, and so on as part of the plan,” says Gonçalo Ribeiro, Sales Manager of MGC Transitarios.

The items to be shipped consist of nearly 200 containers. Besides that, MGC will also have to ship out of gauge equipment and some break bulk pieces. Three of the transformers consist of 740 x 295 x 410 cm, weighing 81,000 kg. The other three have a dimension of 635 x 270 x 330 cm, weighing 46,000 kg. 

Gonçalo Ribeiro further adds, “Currently only 25% of Rwanda’s households have power. Of course, like all companies, we are here to make money but it is even better if you can make money and in the process help 6 million people that are still struggling due to lack of electricity.”

Congratulations to MGC Transitarios for successfully carrying out this project and wishing them the very best for the future!

Blink Logistics has become the logistics service provider for the upgrade of Masindi Oil Roads

The new road will connect to the oil fields in Masindi, and support the growth of Uganda’s oil and gas sector

Blink Logistics Limited, Conqueror Juba and Kampala, has been selected as the logistics service provider for the upgrade of a 120 km road. “The project at hand is not an easy one and our team is prepared to overcome any hurdles which might come in our way. We are extremely honoured to have been selected for such an immense assignment,” says Barbara Nakandi Ampereza, Principal Commercial Executive of Blink Logistics.

The project which is funded by the World Bank will connect this route to the oil fields of Masindi thereby aiding the development of the country’s oil and gas sector. Blink Logistics has been tasked with the movement of cargo from the Port of Mombasa through the Malaba border point to the customer’s site. Barbara further adds, “The project is still ongoing and will take some time to complete. Blink Logistics pledges to execute this job with utmost care and professionalism,”

Congratulations to Blink Logistics for garnering this important project!

Conqueror Cairo handles a project cargo consisting of a new production line for one of their partners

The cargo which was loaded from Hamburg, Germany, was shipped all the way to Alexandria, Egypt

MGL Cargo Services, Conqueror member in Cairo, Egypt, has recently handled a project cargo for a new production line from Hamburg to Alexandria. In order to deliver this project cargo, they used x40’ HC DC + 2 x 40’ flat racks out of gauge. They made use of special low bed trucks for transporting the flat racks and used cranes and forklifts to discharge the shipment at the destination.

The cargo reached the destination intact and on time, thanks to the expertise and teamwork of MGL Cargo. As stated by Mr. Wassim Magdy of MGL Cargo Services, “We were in charge of each and every aspect of the shipment including documentation, customs clearance, and transportations. The project was not an easy one and we had to make route survey to find the best and safest route from Alexandria to the point of discharge at the 10th of Ramadan Industrial Zone where the cargo was unloaded,” 

Congratulations to MGL Cargo Services for a job well done!

Conqueror Valletta works as the logistics service provider for a waste management initiative by the government

The government, through a local company had issued a tender which was awarded to a local waste management operator. CQR Valletta provided logistical and freight solutions.

Carmelo Caruana Co Ltd, Conqueror member in Valletta, Malta, worked on a waste bins project for a Malta government initiative. This year, Malta embarked on a waste management initiative to be in line with EU standards on organic recyclable waste whereby each household was provided with waste bins. Carmelo Caruana Co Ltd was appointed by the local operator awarded the tender for this waste management project. 

Some of the most challenging aspects of this project was loading the containers & trailers respectively from different suppliers for different parts of the bins whilst meeting the organized ship schedules. “We are very proud to be associated with this crucial project which will help our country better manage and recycle organic waste. Carmelo Caruana Co Ltd have completed their task and the majority of bins are already being utilized in households across the Maltese Islands,” says Mr. Dwayne Caruana, the Senior Logistics Manager of Carmelo Caruana Co Ltd. 

Congratulations to Carmelo Caruana and wishing them the very best for their future endeavours!


Conqueror Stockholm bags a high velocity project!

Euroglobe Shipping AB moves 234 motorcycles for an auction in Texas, USA

Euroglobe Shipping AB, Conqueror member in Stockholm, Sweden, hauls 234 veteran motorcycles of high value along with some one of a kind MCS from Stockholm, Sweden, to Long Beach, USA. The value of this cargo has been estimated at a whopping € 12.5 million.

For inland haul, they made use of trucks with liftgates and created cribs for loading the containers so as to ensure that the bikes arrive intact at their destination. “We arranged the pickup from a museum and transported them to our facilities where we did the inspection and evaluation of the cargo. Due to narrow streets and the fragile nature of the shipment, we had to make 34 trips, loading 7 motorcycles per turn,” says Marco Sangüesa from the Sales department of Euroglobe. 

Mr. Sangüesa further added, “The bikes were shipped to our warehouse in the port of Stockholm where we loaded them into containers. Packing and loading the motorbikes was a rather demanding and time-consuming task since no bike was like the other. Moreover, the items were extremely valuable and fragile and on top of that, we had to keep the customer’s deadline in account. Thanks to the dedication and team-work of my colleagues, the bikes made it to Long Beach unscratched and right on time!” 

Congratulations to Euroglobe Shipping for perfectly executing this challenging project!

The spring edition of Conqueror’s quarterly newsletters is now published and available for viewing

In this edition of our newsletter, you’ll get to find everything about our last Annual Meeting at Phuket along with many other interesting topics and news from the industry

We are happy to announce that the first edition of this year’s Conqueror’s quarterly newsletter has been published and is now available for viewing on our website. This newsletter brings you all the crowning moments of our 8th Annual Meeting at Phuket along with the photos of the delegates and links to the videos of the highlights of the meeting.

We have also included an article about Smart Containers and the way it is impacting the supply chain industry. Like every other issue, this newsletter is also going to keep you updated with all the achievements of your network partners along with relevant news bits from the sector. We are sure that the photos and news of our conference will motivate you to participate in our upcoming Annual Meeting in 2020, the venue and date of which will soon be revealed!

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