Conqueror Cairo handles a project cargo consisting of a new production line for one of their partners

The cargo which was loaded from Hamburg, Germany, was shipped all the way to Alexandria, Egypt

MGL Cargo Services, Conqueror member in Cairo, Egypt, has recently handled a project cargo for a new production line from Hamburg to Alexandria. In order to deliver this project cargo, they used x40’ HC DC + 2 x 40’ flat racks out of gauge. They made use of special low bed trucks for transporting the flat racks and used cranes and forklifts to discharge the shipment at the destination.

The cargo reached the destination intact and on time, thanks to the expertise and teamwork of MGL Cargo. As stated by Mr. Wassim Magdy of MGL Cargo Services, “We were in charge of each and every aspect of the shipment including documentation, customs clearance, and transportations. The project was not an easy one and we had to make route survey to find the best and safest route from Alexandria to the point of discharge at the 10th of Ramadan Industrial Zone where the cargo was unloaded,” 

Congratulations to MGL Cargo Services for a job well done!

CQR Monterrey starts handling Amazon FBA business

CQR member in Monterrey, Mexico, is collaborating with Amazon to increase their business and improve the quality of their services

Gyro Logistics has implemented a new business strategy by beginning a collaboration with Amazon in Mexico. Gyro Logistics will start handling Amazon FBA business, an ecommerce service offered by Amazon in which they will take responsibility of shipping Gyro’s products.

In the words of David Koo, from Gyro Logistics, “With this new ecommerce initiative, we aim to boost our visibility, provide a better service to our customers and partners, and of course augment our business”.

In order to facilitate the use of this new service to their clients, they have created an introductory guide to explain the basic flow process to their clients on how to use Amazon FBA. Mr. Koo further explains that: “The first thing our clients will need to do is to check their Amazon account. In case they have an Amazon USA or Canada account then it should be upgraded to North America Unified Account for Mexico. Then, they would need to follow the steps provided below”:

1. Send us the details of the cargo, including the HST code, CIF value, commodity detail, weight, and dimension. They would need to check if a special permit is required by Mexican Authorities.
2. We will summarise the estimated cost, including import duty, VAT, customs and other local fees.
3. Create a FBA shipment account on Amazon MX and apply the FBA label.
4. Ship it to us along with the Amazon FBA order slip (MBL consigned to Gyro and HBL consigned to Amazon FBA).
5. When the cargo reaches the port of Mexico, we will inspect it for the HST code verification
6. Send us the total expense to cover all the costs.
7. We will import it under our own import permit.
8. Create an Amazon shipping slip and forward it to us.
9. Finally, we will ship your cargo to the FBA center in Mexico.

Congratulations to Gyro Logistics on their new venture!

CQR Bangalore & Pune, the logistics provider for the rail-to-road route meant for India – Nepal

The Kolkata to Jogbani train has been the first train of this route

Our CQR member in Bangalore & Pune, India, has acted as the logistics service provider for the Kolkata to Jogbani Rail-to-Road route for India-Nepal transit cargo. This is a very special project since the Kolkata to Jogbani train is the first train of this route which came with 100% electronic customs tracking seal on every container for both up and down movement and the first one with multimodal rail and road movement component across international borders.

Atlas Shipping Services was in charge of both handling and arranging for the custom clearance of all the containers.

In the words of Neeta Shukla, HR Manager of Atlas Shipping Services “This has been a momentous occasion for the Atlas Shipping team and the event was attended by dignitaries such as Kopt Chairman, Commissioner of Customs, CFTM Eastern Railways, CGM Concor, Dy Consul General Nepal Consulate and others. Our team is totally contented after the successful handling of this prestigious project.”

Congratulations to Atlas Shipping Services for their commendable achievements!

CQR Denver is gearing up to celebrate its 50th Anniversary

Conqueror Denver which has been offering tailor-made logistical solutions for their clients just hits their 50th year in the US

American Lamprecht was born 50 years ago in 1968 when Lamprecht decided to venture into the American market. Within those 50 years our member has been able to expand all the way from the East Coast to the West Coast and in between in which the Denver branch was created.

CQR Denver gathered all their employees for a gala event to celebrate this great accomplishment.

In the words of Lisa Rasmussen, Branch Manager of American Lamprecht: “American Lamprecht is celebrating 50 years in business and definitely couldn’t have done it without our amazing customers and great agents we partner with. The hard work and tireless commitment of our team members is the secret behind our continued success. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank every single member on our board and of course our trusted clients and partners.”

Warm congratulations to American Lamprecht Transport for successfully completing 50 years in business!

Conqueror’s 7th Annual Meeting attracts nearly 130 forwarders to Kuala Lumpur

CQR members were given a personal demonstration of the Freight Viewer at the meeting, the new Freight Rate Management Software created to provide instant online door to door quotations 24/7

Conqueror’s 7th Annual Meeting has been an all out success. Nearly 130 freight forwarders representing more than 100 cities came together at the Intercontinental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, where they bolstered their business activities by meeting their fellow Conqueror agents while deliberating on future projects and industry defining issues.

The tremendous success of the last six CQR Annual Meetings was one of the major factors leading to the terrific turn-up at the 2018 event. The Annual Meeting highlights included a warm cocktail reception and a merry dinner party which gave the delegates a chance to indulge in some fun and frolick. The meeting obviously provided ample networking opportunities with the scheduled one-to-one meetings of the agents along with the informal business talks held in course of the lunch, dinner and coffee breaks.

During the meeting, all the members were given a personal demonstration of Conqueror’s new online tool – the Freight Rate Management Software which enables the members to come up with instant online door to door quotations for their clients and partners. This software is expected to immensely facilitate the business activities of the members.

In the words of Antonio Torres, CEO and founder of Conqueror Freight Network, “Conqueror’s Annual Meeting presents a unique networking opportunity for all the members within the network who get to personally interact with their fellow agents with the purpose of keeping a constant flow of new business opportunities. The meeting gives our members a chance to foster a mutually beneficial business relationship by bringing together all the members from various corners of the globe.” With over two decades of experience in the freight forwarding industry, Antonio Torres has an immense contribution towards making Conqueror the largest exclusive network for freight forwarders in the globe.

“Getting to know the persons face-to-face and sharing some time with them helps tremendously in building and maintining business relations”. One of the CQR members states.